Ruby’s EventMachine – Part 2 : Asynchronous != Faster

In this post I will look synchronous vs asynchronous programming with Ruby's EventMachine, to show that asynchronous does not always mean that your code will run faster. In part 1 of this series on Ruby's EventMachine I discussed the benefits of event-based programming in general. I am a big fan of event-based programming, as you will see in these posts, but I wanted to flip the coin over and look at one of the down-sides of event-based programming.


Geohash Intro

Geohashing is a simple way to encode latitude and longitude and grouping nearby points on the globe with varying resolutions. It was created by Gustavo Niemeyer. This blog post looks at how it's implemented any why it is such an elegant solution for encoding and managing location-based data.


Quora’s Technology Examined

In this blog post I will delve into the snippets of information available on Quora and look at Quora from a technical perspective. What technical decisions have they made? What does their architecture look like? What languages and frameworks do they use? How do they make that search bar respond so quickly?


De-volatile Your Memcached. Upgrade to Membase

Membase's TCP interface is identical Memcached, so migrating your existing code-base will not be an issue at all.