Amazon Buys Shelfari. Will They Buy Delicious Library Too?

No not Del.ici.ous, or is it Can never remember. Anyway, neither of those. I’m talking about the Mac app “Delicious Library”. I thought of this because the design of Shelfari looks just like Delicious Library.

Delicious Library is really impressive (when the scanner works). You wave the bar code of any book, CD or DVD in front of you Mac iSight and a voice reads out the title and adds an image of it to your virtual bookshelf.

Other than the similarity in the look between Delicious Library and Shelfari is that most of the information Delicious Library uses is sourced from Amazon. Reviews, ratings, synopsis… and I think also the images.

When it works Delicious Library imports you whole collection very quickly. This would be great to link to your Amazon account.

There’s another interesting post about the aquistion at – Amazon Acquires Shelfari and Places It in an Awkward Competition


  1. sastian

    I would love to see a merger as i wanted to use DL for everything a few years back but only got the scanner to work about %50 of the time. An online account integration like this would be the push to get me over the hump to cataloguing again